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      If you are planning to buy an investment property on the Hatfield McCoy Trail System, then look at owning a part of one of the best locations of all the trails. Matewan is a historic town with deep rooted history of the Hatfield’s & McCoy’s, Mine Wars Battle of Matewan, the N&W Railroad and the Mighty Tug Fork River. With outdoor adventure just outside our door. The Historic Matewan House Lodging Complex is located on Mate Street that is the main street in town. Walking distance to shopping, restaurants, museums, walking and biking trails. With direct access to the Tug River with fishing and kayaking. This is a unique investment opportunity. With a onetime buy-in, you will never pay to stay at our facility again! No fees, no maintenance, no taxes, no insurance, no cleaning. Absolutely no charges of any kind ever! All you do is enjoy your stay! This is NOT a timeshare. You will own a percentage of the company. Please feel free to call us at 606-625-5092 or email us at for more information.



This is a basic overview of what our investor / owner program is about. Matewan Development Corporation Team Inc. is a company that owns and runs real estate and lodging in the historic town of Matewan, WV. Our current holdings are on Mate Street in the heart of the historic district. It is also the main street in town. M.D.C.T. has a dba known as Historic Matewan House Lodging (HMH). The company bought the facility and began operations on March 1st, 2015. The business has grown over the last eight years from an average of $60,000 to $175,000 gross revenue per year. The working capital raised from the sale of 49% of the company will be used to update and expand our current operation. This would create a company with zero debt.  Our goal is to continue our growth and put the company in a position to increase revenue, streamline operations, reduce operating cost, and set it on a path of sustainability and profitability.

We feel that it is the right time to bring other members to our team. We are looking to raise working capitol by taking on investors who are looking to make an investment for the future as well as getting a return on their investment (ROI) in the short term. HMH offering a unique investment opportunity that we feel can do both. Below is a list of the numbers and an overview of how we plan to achieve our goals.

  • Investment amount: $50,000 (The first six to invest at this amount will own 2.45% each = 14.7%)

  • Investment amount: $50,000 (The final nineteen to invest will own 1.8052631579% each = 34.3%

  • ROI is based on percentage of ownership.

  • Total amount of company available to investors for purchase is 49%.

  • Maximum number of investors capped by the company is twenty-five.

  • Majority shareholder will keep 51% of ownership.

Investor / Owners will get a short-term ROI each time they stay at HMH. You will never pay to stay at HMH again. The company allots each owner 84 days per calendar year to stay or use as they want at HMH. No cleaning fees, no taxes, no insurance, and no maintenance cost. All the cost normally associated with ownership of a property including the property management cost is to be paid by the company with revenue generated by the property. Any future ROI to the Investor / Owners and the Majority shareholder will be based on the profitability of the company. If something would happen to the majority shareholder, the remaining shareholders percentages would increase as outlined in their purchase agreement that would result in the shareholders collectively owning 100% of the company. This has been a brief overview as to how our Investor / Owner program will work. A more detailed purchase agreement is to be produced by our legal team prior to the time of purchase.

            Thank you for your time and interest in our company. We are looking forward to collaborating with you to create a company we can all be proud to be associated with and grow it together for the benefit of all our team members.

Sincerely yours,

David W. Hatfield

Owner M.D.C.T. Inc.  

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