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Any Room Any Time!

Forever Nights never end. 

They start when you buy them and last the entire calendar year.

Each new calendar year they start all over again.

So, you pay once and never pay again.

Protect yourself against Rising room rates!

This is not a timeshare. You book the room you want when you want it.

Use them all at once or break it up into multiple stays each year.

Forever Nights are yours to use as you want.

You can even share it with your friends.

You book and have the same privileges as any other booking.

Purchase your Forever Nights today!

Limited Number of Forever Nights Available!!

Forever Nights Rules

  1. Minimum purchase two nights. ($2,000)

  2. Additional Single nights price. ($1,000)

  3. Nights only expire when you do.

  4. Nights must be used each calendar year.

  5. Nights do not rollover.

  6. Nights can be used by someone other than the owner, but only with permission of the owner with notice given to HMH in advance. Nights are not transferable.

  7. Owner or designated user of nights must abide by all rules and regulations of HMH.

  8. Room taxes and booking fees will apply at rates for the rooms being used.

  9. Nights will be booked the same as any other booking on a first come first served basis. Except as outlined in section 10.


Booking Rules

Section 10

  • ​Nights can be used anytime based on availability on a first come first served basis.  

  • Nights are unrestricted on off peak dates such as Sunday – Wednesday of any month except for holidays.

  • Nights are unrestricted in off peak months of December, January, February, and March except for holidays.

  • Nights can be used on weekends during peak season of April – November based on availability.

  • Nights can be used on holidays based on availability. All other rules and restrictions are the same as any other booking.

  • All sales are final. No refunds.

For more info call 606-625-5092

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